After five years of professional competitions, Global Fut Club opens vacancies for Australian and Oceania virtual football teams.


With more than five years of experience in the world of e-Sports and professional championships in seven countries, Globalfut arrives in Oceania establishing a base in the country of Kangaroos, Australia.

The company signed a partnership with Bruno Ornellas (PS4 ID: yOrnellas), Brazilian champion and team administrator for Eleven Gaming (@ eleven.gaming) in the 2018/2019 season and also Juan Córdoba (PS4: JuanCordobaConta), a Colombian professional player, who has lived in Australia for three years. With its experiences in the world of professional competitions, Global Fut Club promises the best competitive scenario in Oceania, making virtual championships for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region.

The first FIFA 21 championship is scheduled for the 26th of October of the current year. With a cash prize of AUD $ 1,000.00. Initially  on PS4 / PS5 in the Pro Club scene. 

Before the 26th of October, there will be a free championships in the form of a test for new players to get to know a little more about the platform and answer all questions of the community. The championships are for Pro Clubs at first, but in the near future there will also be X1(1vs1) and PES championships.

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